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Employment Law


Most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work. The best and most effective workplaces treat every employee with respect and dignity. People are hired and promoted on the basis of ability. Discrimination and harassment have no place in the best workplaces.

Unfortunately, not every workplace follows the law. When that is the case, when employees face unfair employment practices, Barret attorneys have the experience, ability and passion to stand up against even the biggest employers in court.
Most jurors have worked, and they know how managers can retaliate against a worker who reports problems. Most jurors have seen what happens when people are treated differently because of gender or age or race. Even if they have never witnessed problems, they understand the dynamics of the workplace. Nearly everyone has worked for someone else at some time.

Our lawyers have dealt with discrimination in police departments and fire departments. We have represented employees from health care organizations, manufacturing plants and offices. Time and again in employment cases it is the coverup, the denial that there was ever any discrimination or harassment, that often proves the case.

The lawyers of  Barret, want all employees to be treated fairly under the law. The laws are in place, but they are only as strong as the efforts of those to enforce the law. When employees and their lawyers insist on fairness, we will have better workplaces for everyone.

For more information about Barret Law Firm and our experience with employment law cases, contact us. We welcome lawyer referrals, and we represent clients in and throughout the States of America.