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Barret Law firm LLP is an international law firm with offices in Texas,Tokyo,Canada,Egypt and Israel working with other highly professional attorneys all over the world .
We’re different. Lean. Efficient. Smart. We win and win big. With over 400 jury trials to verdict, we know our way around a courtroom. Over $925 million in verdicts and judgments for our plaintiff clients, and successfully defended many other high-stakes cases. And we square off against some of the nation’s biggest firms. We thrive on the tough cases the ones where your company, fortune or liberty are on the line.
Today, we are a general civil firm and we handle almost every kind of case. From estate planning to family law matters, we have experience in a wide variety of cases. To effectively assist our clients’ changing needs, our attorneys stay informed on the most recent developments in law. Our firm encourages our team to go above and beyond the minimum continuing education requirements of the State Bar of Texas and to increase competency over a broad range of areas. We believe the best way to serve our clients is to combine cutting-edge legal strategies with a touch of local common sense.

Our informed staff is a valuable asset to our clients, but in addition to being knowledgeable, we use our community contacts to creatively solve problems. Most issues can be handled in a courtroom, but our goal is to create solutions that are satisfying yet cost-effective for our clients. Both of our attorneys have dedicated their careers to building a reputation for providing honest and ethical representation. This reputation has enabled us to advocate in an innovative way, many times outside the courtroom, that allows our clients to preserve healthy personal and business relationships.

That is not to say that every situation can be quietly solved, however. When the situation calls for it, we aggressively represent those in need, assertively demanding resolution. After you read more information about our attorneys and our staff, contact us to see if we are the right fit for you